“RAW” foods can be synonymous with “LIVING” FOODS or “PURE ENERGY” foods. These are the foods that are found in NATURE and have not been altered or denatured by heat. These are the foods that are in alignment with our species. These are the foods that love us back!

Dubbed by Whole Foods as “THE PURE ENERGY Chef,” I have had the pleasure of teaching about the benefits of RAW food for people over the last few years at various markets and restaurants around the Los Angeles area.  Day in, day out, sometimes five times a week, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to create food and show people what is possible through the colors of the rainbow! Over the years, I have seen these classes grow and have seen more chefs that are creating LIVING foods and teaching these classes as popularity of RAW food continues to increase.

In 2015, I received training from Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy. Having had one of the best experiences of my life, I went from being a simple chef to one that can make and plate a gourmet fine dining experience!

This section will have regular updates from simple to gourmet and everything in between. This section may also act as an inspiration to have The PURE ENERGY Chef cater your next event!

Hire Steve to make your next RAW-some meal!